NASA Scientists Propose Airships and Cloud City for Human Exploration of Venus (VIDEO)

Venus is often called Earth’s evil sister. It’s nearly the same size as the Earth but it’s hellish surface is hot enough to melt lead. However the
upper atmosphere has Earthlike temperatures and this has lead to a bold mission profile for future human space flight to the 2nd rock from the Sun.

From The Voice of America.

Although closer to Earth than Mars, Venus was never considered as a destination for astronauts due to its proximity to the sun and the
consequently hellish conditions on the planet.

However, a group of NASA scientists says it may actually be easier to visit Venus than Mars, as long as astronauts do not land on the surface but
hover above it.

The planet’s 500 degrees Celsius surface is hot enough to melt lead and its crushing atmospheric pressure is nearly 100 times greater than on earth.
But the scientists say conditions are much more Earth-like just 50 kilometers up, where the temperature is around 75 degrees Celsius, the gravity is
slightly lower than on Earth, and the pressure is about the same.

According to the concept, astronauts would orbit through the atmosphere in a gondola under a 130-meter long solar-powered airship, or dirigible,
filled with helium, conducting science observations and experiments. The team envisions that, one day, there could be a permanent human presence in a
floating city.

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