NASA finishes building its Mars-bound Orion spacecraft

The Orion Spaceship, part of the Space Launch System (SLS), is finished and ready to begin testing. I know some may not want to hear this but
scrapping the Constellation and ordering the SLS to be built is probably the best thing Obama has done so far.

The flight will really put Orion to the test. NASA says the spacecraft will return to Earth at speeds of more than 20,000 mph. Those speeds will
generate temperatures up to 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit, the agency says.

In future, missions Orion will be used as part of NASA’s Space Launch System, the world’s most powerful rocket. The SLS will be the vehicle of
choice to take astronauts to an asteroid and on to Mars.

The first flight test is set for DEC 4 so I’m excited. This marks a new day for US space exploration. What says ATS?…

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