Mysterious plume above White Sands Missile Range baffle Military. Explosion?

A mysterious cloud is captured by the radar of the Meteorological Service of the United States, near a military site in the New Mexico near Trinity
Site, used in order to test the nuclear bombs until from 1945. To thicken the mystery there are the declarations of the offices US National Weather
Service of Albuquerque and of El Paso, which have confirmed the radar reading, but also they do not have idea from where the cloud can be come

A mysterious plume that showed up on National Weather Service radars is still puzzling people. The radars first picked up the plume in Socorro
County Monday evening, then went east into Texas and Oklahoma.

The weather service offices in El Paso and Albuquerque didn’t know what caused it, so KOB Eyewitness News 4 called White Sands Missile Range.
Officials there didn’t know what it was.

KOB also called Holloman and Cannon Air Force bases. They were both just as baffled as everyone else. For now, the mystery remains.

From the Blog:…

Main Stream Media report on the “mystery plume”. Military confirms it was not a test, or bomb. National Weather Service confirms it was
NOT Birds/Bugs/Bats. Also not a natural dust storm (haboob), nor was it a regular “storm” with precipitation / rain.

Leaving only one option left. Volcanic.

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