Mysterious African Fairy Circles Stump Scientists


In the sandy desert grasslands of Namibia in southern Africa, mysterious bare spots known as “fairy circles” will form and then disappear years
later for no reason anyone can determine. A new look at these strange patterns doesn’t solve the wistful mystery but at least reveals that the
largest of the circles can linger for a lifetime.

Small fairy circles stick around an average of 24 years, while larger ones can exist as long as 75 years, according to research detailed today (June
27) in the journal PLoS ONE. Still, the study sheds little light on why the circles form, persist and then vanish into the landscape after decades.

“The why question is very difficult,” said study researcher Walter Tschinkel, a biologist at Florida State University. “There are a number of
hypotheses on the table, and the evidence for none of them is convincing.”

I would post pictures of the circles but I’m on an iPad, and really starting a new thread with links and quotes from another page is hard enough.

Anyway, I found one other thread on this topic, long dead and from 2004, so I thought I would share this as I found myself quite intrigued by these
“circles”, so I thought I would share.

I wonder what is going on here? It is something paranormal? And I don’t mean paranormal as in ghosts, but something out of the normal. Could this be
from something natural as in a certain plant species?

Well, as you can see, there are a lot of questions raised by this ‘discovery’ and hopefully soon we could have some answers.

Any thoughts?


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