My concept of the Four man Survival Unit

Ladies and gentlemen I was just thinking about circumstances where a one man army sometimes just doesnt cut it. You need to have a closely knit team
at times. So I divided up skill sets into four specialists:

Specialist 1 – Medical, trauma
Specialist 2 – Hunting, gathering, farming
Specialist 3 – Weapons, ammo, shelter defense
Specialist 4 – Communications, Navigation, Signaling

I am going to talk about Specialist number 4. I created a video tutorial showing you my emergency communications bag:

Video Part 1:

Video Part 2:

Items missing: Optics module and durable small scanner/radio system from Kenwood or Icom

Side note: the IR laser illuminator combined with any cell phone will enable a rudimentary night vision system. The IR beam will not be visible by
humans, but the cell phone camera system will pick it up, giving you an advantage at night

Tell me what you think.

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