Mother leaves children in car for a job interview-gaining public support…

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I find this story fascinating for many reasons. You have a struggling mother trying to find gainful employment.

She gets an interview that could help not only her but, her two young children as well.

The problem: She has no one to provide childcare for her kids so that she can attend the job interview.

Her solution: Leave the children in the car while she goes to the interview.

Result: She ends up facing abuse charges for leaving the kids in the car.

Keep in mind, this happened in Phoenix and most here are probably aware the temperatures in Phoenix are quite high even at this time of year. The
windows were cracked about an inch or so which is probably what alerted others to the screaming 6 month old baby in the back seat along with a two
year old sibling.

It seems that many people are sympathetic to this woman and she is gaining many supporters. On top of that, about $90,000 have been raised in her

As a mother, I’m appalled.

As a child of a mother who had to do equally questionable things to make ends meet for me and my sister, I’m torn. Granted times have changed
drastically since I was a child but, I can still understand to a degree why she did what she did.

I am really, really interested in hearing what others here have to say about this story.

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