Mother claims that her 2 month old baby transformed into a full grown man in seconds!

A 16 yr old Liberian girl claims that her 2 month old son transformed into a full grown man right in front of her and then ran away –

Splashed across the front page of the Daily Observer, published in Liberia, is the story of tiny Smith Freeman who turned into a not-so-little man
in front of his mother’s eyes and ran into the bush.

Reporter Marcus Malayea wrote that residents in a district of central Bong County were in “unbelievable shock” when the news broke. No kidding.

According to the child’s mother, 16-year-old Lorpu Kollie, she was on her way to a farm on Tuesday when her baby repeatedly asked her to put him

When she did, Smith grew into a man and ran away.

“This was my first time seeing a two-month-old baby talking so clearly like a five year old child,” Lopu told the newspaper.

She added that Smith “did not have any scar or deformity on his body that could convince community dwellers that the baby was somehow belonging to
the dark world”.

The baby’s father, Watson Freeman told the Daily Observer the mysterious disappearance of his son was “incredible and mind-blowing”, while
Smith’s grandfather, Jerome Kowan, claimed the vanishing “is the handiwork of the dark world”.

I think that it’s absolutely ridiculous that this story was actually published in Liberia’s ‘Daily Observer,
link here Obviously something has happened
this poor child and instead of an investigation on the mother and family the national newspaper prints this nonsense!


sheesh! well thought I would share it here anyway

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