Most powerful PORTABLE LASER weapon ever created ? Game changer ?

There has always been problems with beam dispersant due to (rain and fog) atmospheric conditions; not to mention power supply and bulk of previous
systems.. Evidently this system has over come some of the limitations with regards to bulk and power supply ?

The process, called Spectral Beam Combining, sends beams from multiple fiber laser modules, each with a unique wavelength, into a combiner
that forms a single, powerful, high quality beam.

‘Lockheed Martin has opened the aperture for high power, electrically driven laser systems suitable for military applications,’ said Dr. Ray O.
Johnson, senior vice president and chief technology officer of Lockheed Martin.

‘Advancements in available laser components, along with the maturity and quality of our innovative beam-combining technology, support our goal of
providing lightweight and rugged laser weapon systems for use on military platforms such as aircraft, helicopters, ships and trucks.’…

This video shows the big bulky laser in action shooting down a missile…. Something we are used to seeing in a demo. This maybe something sorely
needed if the hypersonic weapon systems are eventually enemy combatants.

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