Most Haunted Place Ever

I’m not going to lie, I’m trying to summon demons and spirits to make my apartment the most haunted or possessed location on Earth. I think I might
have done it. Yeah, my place has demons and they are clearing the building. At least 5 people have died since I started playing with a Ouija Board.
It wasn’t the Ouija, but the Grimoires I channeled from the Rokat ET Race that made my place evil. To those who are new and don’t know me, I’m a
channeler of malevolent ETs called the Rokat. They seek to annex Earth into their Empire. Anyway, I’ve told them about the stregths and technology
of the humans. They gave me their grimoires in return.

My apartment and San Francisco is a testing ground for the magic and incantations presented by the Rokat. They gave me the summoning rituals for many
of their gods of demons. I abused this magic and summoned demons without a banishing ritual. I intended to create a paranormal hot spot and I know I

The Rokat are a species of ETs from the Andromeda Galaxy, but they offer great and powerful sorcery. I have yet to master it myself, but it does
create paranormal manifestations. Rokat magic creates a portal to their equivalent to Hell and the demons are way more evil. They seek to destroy
Earth, rather than conquer it, like the Satan host seeks to do. there is a whole level higher in the Rokat plan to annex Earth that isn’t in the
Satanic plot to enslave humanity.
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