Milwaukee police accused of performing illegal body cavity searches


Seven officers and a supervisor at the Milwaukee police department have had their badges taken away after allegations surfaced that police have
been conducting body cavity searches on suspects with no authority to do so.
Reports of officers arresting suspects then subjecting them to cavity searches first surfaced in local media in March. On Monday, after getting access
to a police report, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that officers allegedly performed these searches on a routine basis.

One Milwaukee officer, Michael Vagnini, “had a reputation” for forcing suspects he believed had drugs in their body cavities to bend over for him,
said defense attorney Alex Cossi, who handled a July 2011 case that alleges Vagnini searched his client and another suspect in the booking room.

Officer Vagnini… ha!

Ok well I’m sure this goes on a lot, because of polce intimidation these type of searches most likely go unreported. However, looks like this guy got
caught, so good! I hope he gets what he deserves. Im not saying its a good thing for people to hide drugs and such, but there is a little thing called
Its there for a reason.


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