Meteor passing under satelites

Before this gets too wild, and now that we seem to have settled on an object (The OP was a little hard to figure on that?) I figured I’d satisfy my
own curiosity and run an impact simulation.

I ran this as a 45km object made of iron at a 90 degree entry angle and coming at the maximum velocity possible in the simulation, 72 kilometers per
second. Basically, the worst possible everything for a 45km object. My point in the simulation is 25 kilometers away. Here is what happens, according
to the sim.


Crater shape is normal in spite of atmospheric crushing; fragments are not significantly dispersed.
Transient Crater Diameter: 2.29 km ( = 1.42 miles )
Transient Crater Depth: 809 meters ( = 2650 feet )
Final Crater Diameter: 2.86 km ( = 1.77 miles )
Final Crater Depth: 608 meters ( = 2000 feet )
The crater formed is a simple crater.
The floor of the crater is underlain by a lens of broken rock debris (breccia) with a maximum thickness of 282 meters ( = 925 feet ).
The volume of the target melted or vaporized is 0.0037 km^3 ( = 0.000888 miles^3 )
Roughly half the melt remains in the crater


The air blast will arrive approximately 1.26 minutes after impact.
Peak Overpressure: 23500 Pa = 0.235 bars = 3.34 psi
Max wind velocity: 50.6 m/s = 113 mph
Sound Intensity: 87 dB (Loud as heavy traffic)

Damage Description:
Interior partitions of wood frame buildings will be blown down. Roof will be severely damaged.
Glass windows will shatter.
About 30 percent of trees blown down; remainder have some branches and leaves blown off.

So, absolute worst case? I wouldn’t want to be directly under it but that is about where someone needs to be in getting hurt. That, again, assumes
every variable is the worst imaginable.

Purdue – Earth Impact Simulator

*Meters vs. Kilometers is a giant difference, of course. Diameter means everything. Again, this is nightmare upon nightmare for what a 45 Kilometer,
not meter object would do. It’s kinda overkill….but the point is clear. Nothing about it can ever be a threat, on any level. Next date?

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