Mentalist/Hypnotist Keith Barry exposes psychics as frauds…(3 part VID)

Keith Patrick Barry is an Irish mentalist, hypnotist, magician and activist for the Elderly.
Here is his discovery channel special to demonstrate his talents in mind control…
Deception Part 1

Deception Part 2

Now here is a short set of 3 videos where Keith demonstrates popular “psychic” techniques and exposes the fraudulent scheming behind them.
Part 1

Part 2

and Part 3

Now I don’t believe Keith has any agenda behind exposing this other than waking up the public to this old scam… BUT then again who knows ..
In the end I think this is a perfect way to open a friends eyes to the truth in a more gentle way than arguing..and I also am expecting the onslaught
of Believers to start in on me BUT pretty PLEASE watch the Videos before attacking..

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