Meet Poppy, the 22-year-old YouTube star who has already inspired her own religion

poppy titanic youtubeTitanic

  • Poppy is a YouTube star whose strange videos have
    become an online phenomenon.
  • The artist is the subject of several rumors, including
    that she might be a robot, a member of the Illuminati, or a
    pawn subjected to mind control.


This is Poppy. A 22-year-old YouTube prima donna and pop
princess, Poppy currently occupies one of the weirdest corners of
the web — and, in her two-year existence online, she has already
inspired her own religion.

Her YouTube channel, “Poppy,” is a hallucinatory digital wormhole
with hundreds of videos, many of which have garnered millions of

And it seems that Poppy’s hold on pop culture has only just
begun. This year, Poppy released her first studio
album, embarked on a nationwide tour, was featured in a
Sanrio ad campaign
, and teamed up with Comedy Central for a
Snapchat show.

Poppy makes music, but given the scope of her output on YouTube
(she produces a new video nearly every day) that’s only a
marginal part of what she does. She also brushes her
eats cotton
, talks with
and sinister
, applies makeup,
and lays on
the floor
Her videos
depict a chilly, robot-inflected reality that’s rendered in
candied pastel hues. Tell Poppy that you find her videos to be
creepy, and she’ll answer, sweetly, “Thank you.”

Poppy’s personality is a cross between a chatbot and a child. If
you ask Poppy a question, she’s sure to answer with demure,
algorithmic precision. Where is she from? The internet. What does
she like to do for fun? Listen to “the sound of rain falling” in
“videos on” How old is she? She doesn’t identify
with age. “Age is just too 2016,” she

The phenomenon known as Poppy has been the subject of protracted
ponderous think-pieces
. Among her ardent fan
base — “Poppy Seeds,” as they’re
called — she’s a figure worthy of worship.
Commenters on Reddit and YouTube profess to their undying love
for Poppy and call her “the queen” and “goddess.” One fan has
even gone so far as to establish a religion dedicated to
called “Poppyism.” 

But Poppy’s pre-packaged persona isn’t entirely of her own
making. The character known as “Poppy” can largely be attributed
to Titanic Sinclair, Poppy’s director, whose bleached platinum
hair makes him look as though he could be Poppy’s older sibling.
According to Sinclair, he met Poppy at a party in Hollywood two
years earlier.

Poppy Titanic
Titanic Sinclair and


Sinclair says he was immediately struck by Poppy’s originality.
“I’d never met someone who is as creative as her,” he tells
Business Insider. “Her workflow and the way her brain works is
similar to mine. It just made sense that we would work together.”

According to both Poppy and Sinclair, there is no Poppy that
exists prior to the internet version of Poppy. Like the Poppy video
in which she repeats the words “I’m Poppy” for 10 minutes
straight, we’re reminded that Poppy is Poppy is Poppy: She exists
in a continuously self-justifying loop, a character unfettered by
the constructs of time and boundaries of logic. 

Of course, in the internet age, it’s not difficult to find the
identities of Poppy and Sinclair online. A quick search reveals
that Poppy and Sinclair’s real names are Moriah Pereira and Corey
Mixter, respectively. She’s from Nashville and he’s from
Michigan, and they have a shared interest in video-making and pop

But attempting to piece together the historical realities of the
people, or characters, now known as Sinclair and Poppy, isn’t
really all that fun, nor is it very interesting. It’s more fun,
for instance, to be in on the illusion, or at the very least, to
suspend disbelief and believe along with the rest of the
internet, that Poppy might be the first real iteration of a
flesh-and-blood AI manifestation.

Rumors swirl among Poppy’s fans. Is Poppy real? Is she a pawn subjected to
mind control? Is she a member of the Illuminati? Is she even

poppy titanic youtubeTitanic

On the surface, Poppy and
Sinclair have done their best to quash these stories. In their
videos, they’ve both openly stated that Poppy isn’t involved in a
cult and even gone to such impish measures as to emblazon the
message “I am not in a cult led by Poppy,” on
a T-shirt
, available for purchase on Poppy’s website.

But at the same time, the duo obliquely fuels the occult fantasies within their
In one video,
Poppy softly repeats, “I am not in a cult” as masked figures in
white body suits leverage Illuminati iconography above her head.
At a recent concert,
Poppy passed out cups of Kool-Aid
 right after announcing
that “Poppy is not
 responsible for any

Poppy’s intrigue is only heightened by the conspiracy theories,
which orbit her persona like satellites. These rumors, in part,
are one of the key reasons Poppy is entirely unique, and why
she’s so successful.  In an age of immediate internet access, Poppy
has achieved the impossible: She’s managed to maintain an aura of
mystery. As more and more pop stars provide their fans with
intimate access to their personal lives through documentaries and
social media, Poppy is a refreshing counterpoint. 

Poppy won’t ever
dish up the drama of her love
life. Poppy doesn’t want you to wonder about her past, and she
certainly isn’t going to tell you about the turmoils of being an
artist. She’s an otherworldly, semi-Warholian product, and she’s
here to entertain you. 

“People are going to dig into
whatever they want to,” says Titanic, but this line of rhetoric
“isn’t interesting.”  He likens people who attempt to
pin down Poppy’s real identity to an audience attempting to
deconstruct the method in a magic trick. 

And Sinclair maintains that Poppy
isn’t an illusion at all. She’s the real deal. A bonafide
kawaii child Barbie doll who only wants “to fill the
world with love.”

“The world is a lot more exciting
when you don’t have the curtain pulled to reveal all of the
wires,” says Sinclair. “It’s always a huge let down when a magic
trick is revealed and you realize it’s just sleight of hand or
some sort of simple illusion.” 

If you pull aside the curtain, and attempt to
crack Poppy’s hyper-curated persona, in the end,  the only
person you’ve cheated is yourself.

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