Medieval Church Conspiracy To Hide A Secret Truth About Jesus

Did the Medieval Catholic church intentionally hide widely held truths about alien visitation and involvement in the life and times of Jesus? It seems
some pieces of art raise questions regarding a shift in the attitude of the early Church and its knowledge of extraterrestrial beings. While the
Vatican holds the vast majority of the writings, art and relics of the Middle Ages within its Secret Archives, a few works with interesting
characteristics have avoided church control and exist in other private collections.

The subjects of this article are four artworks. Each possesses odd depictions of aliens, UFOs and unidentified beings as part of Biblical stories
involving Jesus. Thumbnail views of each of these artworks are below.

Click through to view larger versions and read more details about these works and the artists who created them (including their relationships to the
Church). Then, bring your perspective, insights and theories to this thread.

1.) Crucifixtion of Christ – Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Georgia (former Russia) – 1050 A.D.
Larger View of Crucifixtion of Christ – Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and

The Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is a Georgian Orthodox site built in the 11th century. On one of the walls inside has a fresco painting of the
Crucifixion of Jesus. What is curious to note about this Byzantine style painting is the two flying objects taking off in angled directions in the
upper right and left of the work. They appear to be flying saucers (UFOs) with 3 thrust trails. Inside each UFO is a face. Two roman guards in the
background are bringing our attention to the objects with a hand gesture.

2.) Crucifixtion of Christ – Visoki Decani Monastery, Kosovo – 1327
Larger View of Crucifixtion of Christ – Visoki Monastery and

Within the Monastery are several fresco paintings from famous scenes described in the Bible. The Crucifixtion of Christ again, as seen in the
Sventiskhoveli cathedral, shows two flying objects in the upper left and right of the scene, piloted by beings who appear to be holding steering
controls. These are not angels because we can clearly see the host of heavenly angels with halos and wings in the same painting.

3.) Madonna and Child – By Jacopo del Sellaio Palazzo Vecchio – 1485
Larger View of Madonna and Child with Details

A pupil of Fra Filippo Lippi, del Sellaio was friends with (and influenced by) famous artist Sandro Botticelli. He often painted decorative wedding
chests, plates, furniture and other decorater items. Madonna and Child with the Infant, Saint John the Baptist and Attending Angel, painted in 1485,
is an example of a decorative plate painting with a gold leaf ornate frame. What is usually missed by people observing this painting is the presence
of a UFO in the sky. An enlarged version is also shown to illuminate the detail work that shows it is clearly a UFO.

4.) Baptism of Christ – by Aert de Gelder – 1710
Larger View of Baptism of Christ with Details

De Gelder was one of Rembrandt’s pupils who lived in Amsterdam, from 1661 to 1663. He was one of the most talented and devoted of Rembrandt’s
students and a highly acclaimed master painter. His painting style of loose brushwork and chiaroscuro rendering makes his work often hard to
distinguish from that of Rembrandt. The Baptism of Christ depicts the scene from the Bible where John the Baptist is baptizing Jesus in the river
Jordan. This scene has been illustrated by many artists. However, this scene is particularly interesting because of the flying saucer hovering over
the scene with beams of light shining down and illuminating the event.

The Conspiracy – Secret Vatican Archives

Considering all of these works were commission by the Church or created by famous Church-supported artists, we must acknowledge that this attitude of
beings with advanced technology were present during the time of Christ and the early church was both aware and open about this truth. Then, something
happened near the end of the Middle Ages (around 1600-1700 A.D.) that caused the Church to change its attitude toward this information. After the
1700’s we don’t see any more work that show UFOs or beings operating them. In fact, the Vatican began acquiring thousands of art works at this
time and holds them locked away from public view. Why is this? Isn’t art meant to be shared and enjoyed by all people? Why would the church hide so
much of its collection from World? Exactly how many more works of art and literature exist in the Secret Vatican Archives that shed light on the
extraterrestrial-Jesus connection? What truth is being hidden from us?

What do you think?

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