Mass shootings, Disenfranchisement, Sycophants, Churches and Caregivers…any relation

Picture the scene.

Sitting on my porch, with a mug filled with 100% Columbian Dark Maxwell House coffee and a hint of Half and Half.

The porch is attached to a hunting cabin style home up north in the Adirondacks that overlooks Long Lake, where
at times you can view the pontoon planes landing on glass-like water. The surrounding air is a bit more brisk than
the rest of the state, cleaner than the rest of the state, and thinner than at lower altitudes…but it is home
and has a warming feelng to it none the less. If you listen closely, you can hear the loons in the early morning
air breaking an otherwise peaceful silence. The yard stretches out for almost 22 acres, but you wouldn’t be able
to glean that from the dense adjacent forest. Great for hiking, tough to mow the lawn. Watching the lake generated
fog move silently and slowly on top of the water I move my homemade oak tree table a bit closer to me and place
my surface pro 4 on top of it. What do I do? What I always do, start reading…..and thinking.

Fast forward into the real world and her problems and I address the title of this thread. It’s dangerous (not really)
when I start attempting to put together factors of current events seamlessly into one cohesive thought…yet I still
make the attempt.

We’ve got Donald J. Trump as President of the United States of America.
We’ve got mass shootings on the rise (it seems many focused on churches).
We’ve got what seems to be a disenfranchised portion of the population that wholly supports the aforementioned President
no matter what his faux pas and inappropriate behavior seems to be.
We’ve got a pretty healthy wealth gap that serves to do nothing but infuriate people.

Taken individually, these items could pass as less than significant, but put them all together and I, personally
start to wonder just how much of it is related. Why? Because I strain to find a reason why someone would snap and start
shooting up people in what seems to be an idyllic community or township. Is it always though, necessarily so picturesque?

First, let’s start thnking about sycophantic attitudes and posture. A sycophant, or bootlicker or a yes man…one who
disregards inappropriate activity to gain favor or an advantage with someone in power. It’s not fair to say that all who voted
for Donald Trump are sycophants, hell I am one of them mistakenly, but to ignore the harm he is doing NOW is what
separates sycophantic from pragmatic. However, I don’t want to spend too much time on DJT or politics at all as it’s not only
a flashpoint for combative behavior in any medium, but also a smaller part of a bigger problem.

I think it might be fair, however, to say that someone who is a sycophant will display that in all facets of their lives
whether it be in the political landscape, at work or even in Church. Now imagine again, if you will, a scenario where the same
sycophants that will support anyone in a powerful position no matter their malfeascence, dealing with children in their
formative years. Much in the same way that a lot of terrorists in the Middle-East are born into the life of automatically hating
“infidels”. Imagine a whole community that places the well-being of these children as one of the least of their concerns in an
attempt to further their agendas and keep the sycophanty (yes my word) alive.

Imagine further, that these children, from as young as months old are shaken, beaten, coerced until they capitulate to the
“caregivers” entrusted with their well-being…shaken, beaten to “remove the demon”, or coerced into lying to authorities, all
resulting in a forced “happiness” which is what the outside world gets to see. Of course, this is hyperbole and could never
happen here in the United States of America because, well, as we know we are a free and open society where bad things like this
only happen in the middle-east correct? We all know that if this were to happen HERE, on OUR soil, because our people
are so diverse and tough we’d be outraged and take action. Because we know that not all humans are affected by environmentally
driven stimuli in the same fashion, that at times, someone is going to break the mold and…….snap.

While I am not religious and in fact, have somewhat of a disdain for religion, I DO think it has it’s place in that if it’s
comforting for someone it’s already a great thing just for that reason alone. But what if the above scenario had some actual roots
in reality? What if something like that were actually happening?

SPINDALE, North Carolina — As a court-appointed advocate for two foster boys, it was Nancy Burnette’s job to ensure they were in good hands.
So as part of her casework, she visited Word of Faith Fellowship, the evangelical church they attended with the couple seeking to adopt them.
What happened next haunts her: In the middle of the service, the chanting and singing suddenly stopped, Burnette said, and the fiery pastor
pointed at Burnette, accusing her of being “wicked.” ”You are here to cause strife!” she recalled Jane Whaley shouting, as she sensed
begin to converge upon her. “You don’t think these kids are supposed to be here!”
Terrified, Burnette left, but not before promising the boys, ages 4 and almost 2, that she would return — a promise she ultimately could not

“What I didn’t know was how hard Word of Faith would fight — and the tactics they would use — to keep the kids,” Burnette told The Associated
That was not the only time Word of Faith Fellowship’s leaders and members have used positions of authority, intimidation or deception to bring
into the church’s folds or keep them from leaving — often at Whaley’s behest, according to dozens of interviews and hundreds of pages of court
police reports and social services documents obtained by the AP.
As a result, children have been introduced to sometimes violent church practices that run counter to the North Carolina laws designed to protect them,
the AP found.

But it seems
to be happening…

Now, in the wake of the Texas church shooting I’m not making a claim that anything like the above has ever occurred there or even similar. But, often
I have heard a resounding “why?” or “how could this have happened?” or maybe even “what makes people do things like this? The world is getting

If you would be so kind, read the above article, then ask yourselves “Are there some shared elements of a sycophantic demographic that would allow
this?” With
that in mind, also ask yourselves “could a child, having been tortured in a way such as described in the article……snap?”

I’m not ascribing guilt to that particular church or anyone at all, simply asking “what if?”.

What if the same sycophants see DJT and are emboldened?
What if the same sycophants raise children?
What if the same sycophants are a integral part of every Governmental process in a community?
What if the same disenfranchised become sycophantic by way of no other choices for them?
What if no one does anything about it?

If you’ve read this far, thank you for reading.

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