Masons. Its time to decide which Temple you are building?

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So many things wrong with all of your threads I don’t know where to start. I’m still reading the book of Jasher, it is a terribly long read and
seems like it is just a re-write of other books?

Anyhow, let me just reply to your terrible chemistry and numerology and mis-guided assumptions on behalf of God. God really doesn’t appreciate you
speaking on its behalf by the way.

Protect the WORD. Nitrogen 777 and Oxygen 888. Overcome the Carbon (6 protons, 6 electrons, 6 neutrons). Do it right. Love God and give instead
of take.

Allow the technology to be born again. God is waiting on our decision.

OK, why would God wait on us? What does “wait” mean to god anyway? God is timeless, everything that has happened or will happen is already
simultaneous to God, and so the word “wait” really has no meaning. In fact, any word you might ascribe to god would have no meaning, because you
are limited by human perceptions and human words. Just let God be and mind your own human business.

As for 7’s and 8’s and Carbon. Not all Carbons are 666. Some are 656, some are 667, or 668, some are even 648. There is much diversity in
Chemistry. Even if they were 666, there is nothing magical about numerology. I can make numbers say anything I want them to say. Numerology is a
half step below statistics, and both of them are junk.

Lets see, let me make “EnochWasRight” into Satan, or 666, or something fun. ENOCH=45=9, WAS=43=7, RIGHT=62=8. 9+7+8=24=6, and since it came from 3
words, it is reduced to 666. OR, 45+43+62=150=6 once again? What are the odds? No matter how I reduce your name, I get SATAN! OR, maybe it
means 9-7-8, which is Flourine, which we all know is an evil controller of mankind when added to the water, but in your case it would be even
more dramatic, because it is stripped of 2 neutrons and an electron making it highly reactive and lighter in atomic number. A flourine with your
numerology would react violently as an oxidizer, and would slip past cell membranes designed to accept nothing larger than Nitrogen or Oxygen. You
are even more evil than I imagined!!

Numerology and religious trolls are the most trollyish. Mostly because religious text and numerology can be interpreted and adapted to
whatever end you want to portray. Numbers are easily manipulated, and religious texts are always in doublespeak.

Here you go, from the thread that went up yesterday. I can’t find the link, but here is the text…

Three men go to stay at a motel and the clerk
charges them $30.00 for the room. They split the cost ten
dollars each. Later the manager tells the clerk that he over-
charged the men and that the actual cost should have been
$25.00. He gives the clerk $5.00 and tells him to give it to the
men. But he decides to cheat them and pockets $2.00. He then
gives each man a dollar. Now each man has paid $9.00 to stay in
the room and 3 X $9.00 = $27.00. The clerk pocketed $2.00.
$27.00 + $2.00 = $29.00. So where is the other $1.00?

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