March 20

This is so amazing, I don’t even know where to begin…

On the North Pole the Sun will become totally eclipsed as it comes into view after 6 months of polar night. This happens only every 400 000 –
500 000 years!


And what a bizarre eclipse it is. Not only does this eclipse begin just 15 hours prior to the March equinox marking the beginning of astronomical
spring in the northern hemisphere, but the shadow of totality also beats path through the high Arctic and ends over the North


On March 20 – same date as the 2015 March equinox – the moon turns new only 14 hours after reaching lunar perigee – moon’s closest point
to Earth in its orbit. Thus this moon is a supermoon – at the new phase – not visible in our sky, but having a larger-than-average effect on
Earth’s oceans. Plus this new supermoon swings right in front of the equinox sun on March


At the end of its path, the shadow of the Moon rises from Earth’s surface to space at the north


The only populated area from where the total eclipse can be seen is Svalbard (Spitsbergen) of Global (doomsday) Seed Vault fame.

Then there is this interesting article:

Passover Blood Moon
Preceded by Exceedingly Rare Solar Eclipse

Prominent Evangelical Christians such as John Hagee have noticed that a series of four blood moons, known as a “tetrad” which falls during the
three Jewish festivals of Sukkot (Tabernacles) and Passover, often serves as a harbinger of major events in Jewish history.

So there is the current tetrad falling together with this very unusual eclipse and before that:

The last series of blood moons to occur over the Jewish festivals took place in 1967 when Israel won the Six Day War, expanded the boundaries of
the Jewish State and liberated the city of Jerusalem.

Prior to 1967, there was a tetrad in 1949 when the Israeli War of Independence ended after the founding of the State of Israel the previous year,
perhaps the greatest event in modern Jewish history.

A series of four blood moons occurring during Jewish holidays is so rare that the last time prior to 1948 was all the way back in 1493, the year
following the expulsion of Jews from Spain, another major milestone in Jewish history.


Also NASA just launched its Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission:

The quartet of observatories is being placed into an oblong orbit stretching tens of thousands of miles into the magnetosphere—nearly halfway to
the moon at one point. They will fly in pyramid formation, between 6 miles (10 kilometers) and 250 miles (402 kilometers) apart, to provide 3-D views
of magnetic reconnection on the smallest of scales.
Magnetic reconnection is what happens when magnetic fields like those around Earth and the sun come together, break apart, then come together again,
releasing vast energy. This repeated process drives the aurora, as well as solar storms that can disrupt communications and power on Earth.

Supposedly the tetrahedral observatories formation starts collecting data only in summer – but call me suspicious…

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