Man slashes TSA worker and is shot 3 times at New Orleans Airport

A machete-wielding man was shot at New Orleans airport Friday night after attacking three TSA officials.

Richard White, 63, attacked two security officials with wasp spray then cut a guard with his machete at a security checkpoint in Louis Armstrong
International Airport.

He slashed a female TSA officials, wounding her right arm. During the attack he was shot in the chest, the thigh and the face, before being taken to

The female TSA worker was also taken to hospital, but her injuries are not thought to be serious.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department said Friday night that there was no obvious connection between White and the airport.

Man slashes TSA worker and is
shot 3 times at New Orleans Airport

Describing the shooting, he said: ‘The law enforcement officer proceeded down the exit line to come around, coming in very close contact to the
individual with the machete, and that officer fired three times, hitting the perpetrator once in the left chest, the left facial area and the left
thigh, at that point in time.

‘There was an innocent bystander who sustained a graze wound to the arm and there were a couple of members of the traveling public, while in the
scrambling, while shots were fired, that happened to cut some limbs on some of the furniture there while trying to get away from that particular

The shooting took place in concourse B of the airport at around 8pm.

The TSA confirmed that one of its employees had been attacked, and said she was not seriously hurt.

A spokesman said: ‘At approximately 8:00 p.m. CDT, a female Supervisory Transportation Security Officer at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International
Airport was assaulted in the public area outside of Checkpoint B.

‘The officer was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.’

Very scary. I’m glad they were able to take this guy down before he did more damage than he did! I’m betting it’s someone either pissed off or
mentally ill before I’ll go with a disillusioned terrorist, but that’s just an initial assessment.

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