Malaysia Airlines MH370: Terrorist link?

I know this has been discussed both on here and in the wider media, but it has largely been dismissed as a cause for the flights disappearance by the
authorities, at least until they have some evidence, which is fair enough.

Now, I was just browsing various news sources this morning when I came in to work and noticed a story in the
UK’s Daily Mirror about a “shoe bomber” turned supergrass for
the US, who is giving evidence in the trial of Bin Laden’s son-in-law. In that story is something that jumped out at me:

He told the court he wore a shoe bomb on at least one flight from Karachi, Pakistan, to Holland and another from Holland to the U.K. in December

Badat described how he had only one shoe with explosives in it after giving the other to some Malaysian men who wanted to blow open a plane’s
cockpit door and carry out a September 11-style hijacking of their own

A link, perhaps? I know a shoe bomb is unlikely to cause an aircraft to fall out the sky, but what if they had used such a device to try and seize
control of the aircraft and it all went wrong, either by killing the pilots, causing a de-pressurisation or severing flight controls?

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