Malasian Airline MH370, Captain America: Winter Soldier Connection

I was going to post this a year ago but never got around to it but now since they might have found a piece of the plane it is relevant and might show
where the rest of the plane is located. MH370 disappeared March 8, 2014 and The Winter Soldier opened April 4, 2014, so the plane was fresh in my
mind. At 3:32 into the movie, bottom right corner words appear, Indian Ocean with co_ordinates Lat 16N 55’12.06″ Long 72N 56’7.09″. You have to change
Lat From N to S and Long N to E.

I opened Google Earth and entered in co-ordinates Lat 16 55′ 12.06″ S Long 72 56′ 7.09″ E and got this:

It showed just East of the Maldives and Reunion Island. I did some Measurements from where the Australian search was, roughly 2200-2300 miles, and
the co-ordinates from the movie are roughly the same distance from Kuala Lumpur.
So I bet they will find the plane close to those co-ordinates and one has to ask the question: How did the coordinates in the movie match where the
plane might be found? Insider information or something else. Remember the Dark Knight and Sandy Hook……

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