Los Alamos Study Group – WIPP

The Los Alamos Study Group reacted to the New Mexican’s 6-month long investigation Sunday night.

Los Alamos Study Group executive director Greg Mello.

“The drum in question was basically kind of a time bomb.”

The New Mexican’s 6-month long investigation also references an assessment conducted by WIPP personnel that estimates over 5,000 drums of
waste may contain the volatile organic kitty litter that caused the one drum to split open.

“Corners were cut,” he said.

In the pursuit of a $2.2 billion contract renewal, Mello says the e-mails and memos suggest the privately run lab ignored warning signs and
potential danger in order to be on time.

“We need a thorough investigation of who knew what, when,”

Albuquerque, NM

Additionally: WIPP-Incident History


Prison-Time(s) will be … Strongly-Considered.


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