Lorax teaching kids to become Occupy protesters?

Here’s Liz Atwood with this week’s Tween Tuesday:

As if I don’t have enough to worry about with gun violence, bullying, test scores and teen sex. Now Lou Dobbs tells us that the Lorax, the new movie based on the Dr. Seuss book, is indoctrinating our kids to become Occupy Movement protesters.

My kids are getting a bit old for Dr. Seuss now (even though I’m not), so the Lorax hasn’t been on my radar as a must-see movie. Basically, it’s the story of how the greedy Once-Ler cut down all the Truffula trees, leaving a polluted mess. Only one last seed remains from which a forest can grow and save the world.

The Seuss book was criticized years ago as making the logging industry look bad, so Dobbs’ position isn’t new. And I don’t doubt that when Ted Geisel wrote the Lorax in 1971 he was trying to tell kids that it’s important to take care of the environment.

But really it’s beyond me how that can be a bad thing. Even those who support the logging industry and distrust the green movement must agree that we need to take care of the environment. I can’t imagine that even Lou Dobbs wants to see all the Truffula trees chopped down.


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