Let’s stop acting like Chip Kelly is in the Illuminati

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has done everything within his power to make sure that his life away from football isn’t impacted by his status as one of the most recognizable coaches in all of sports. After all, like Kelly says, unless you’re a Kardashian, most people prefer to keep their private lives private.

And yet, the media’s obsession with who Kelly is off the field continues. Experienced journalists who could be hunting down stories that matter are spending a considerable amount of time doing background on Kelly, trying to find something unusual about his past that will somehow give us a glimpse into who Kelly is without a headset on. It’s almost as if we’re assuming that Chip Kelly is into something secretive and nefarious.

Of course, being a public figure means that you’re going to generate a great deal of public interest and with that interest comes the reality that journalists are going to ask a lot of questions about things you’d rather they not ask questions about. However, I think we’ve badgered Kelly’s friends and family sufficiently at this point.

To a certain extent, guys like Kent Babb of the Washington Post, who recently uncovered that Kelly had a failed seven-year marriage before rising to the top of the coaching ranks, are just doing their jobs. However, when is the job done?

Skepticism is natural, but at this point the only reason for us to remain obsessed with Kelly’s generally guarded nature is if you assume the absolute worst of him or that there’s something worth uncovering. But there’s still plenty at the surface in regards to Kelly that we haven’t even begun to explore.

Kelly’s an offensive innovator the likes of which we’ve rarely seen and his rapid ascent to head coach of one of the NFL’s premier franchises has been touched on to an extent, but it’s commonly overshadowed by our concern that Kelly might be a member of the Illuminati in his free time. Personally, I want to know more about Chip Kelly the football coach than I care to know about his friends and family.

But, I’m apparently in the minority, so we’ll continue to dig with the sole intent of rearranging the dirt. And we’ll inevitably find something that will make you wonder if it was really worth finding to begin with.

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