Lets assume Bernie wins…

… then what?

If as we all know, every other politician is a bought and paid for corporate shill, even as president, what could he possible do that won’t be
completely stonewalled?

No matter how authentic he might be, no matter legitimate, with literally no support anywhere else in government, how can he be anything but an
ineffective lame duck president?

I mean let’s say he wins, and he tries his darnedest to enact changes for the better of all, fights tooth and nail, but is blocked at every turn,
will we have nothing but hate for him? Or say he tries to pass things for the benefit of all, but before it gets passed it gets torn apart by the
other politicians and put back together as a Frankenstein monstrosity barely resembling it’s original intent. Will we hold this against him?

If every attempt is made the political world to undermine him and his presidency and destroy him, and the media does their job of painting him red and
incompetent, when the truth is, he’s just being raped by the same corrupt system we all are, are we going to buy into the media?

Honestly, even if Bernie wins, and I like Bernie, I think he’s the real deal, but honestly what CAN he do?

Every attempt will be made to make him, if the real deal, seem like he was a bad choice, and worse than Obama or Bush ever were. What are we left
with then? The presidency has it’s power, but it’s not a king or emperor, with no support from the other branches, it’s overall, pretty pathetic,
only so much the branch can do without support.


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