Kerry Cassidy Duped By Jim Stone Hoax?

Was Kerry Cassidy duped or dumb? Both?

Dumb is a given, duped or refuses to perform even the remotest of due diligence in order to claim she was fooled (ala Bill Brockbrader)?

Personally, I’m going with Dumb and Disingenuous.

I need to write my Jim Stone story here…I met Jim Stone at Occupy LA. And he lived with me for almost a month…He claimed she and he saved the
world from taking the flu virus vacine shots…I paid him 100’s of dollars to produce a website and what I essentially got was a blog…What I do know
from living with him is that he is very psychologically damaged…Lots of the stuff he says does not match any real jewish doctirine and I have
studied the various forms of orthodoxy…At no time with me did he claim to have worked with the NSA…How valid is this interview if Jim Stone
never worked for NSA — the first big foundational lie of the interview…

Most of the pictures he was showing me to build on this discussion then were from TV. He never claimed to interview anyone. At this point in his life,
I would have to ask where did he get the money and the means. He did not even have a cell phone. I gave him one of those prepaid…The Jim Stone I
know is an expert at zapping around the net and getting pictures and charts. I saw no evidence that he could make one…

Ad infinitum. Nice job, Kerry, thorough due diligence, Ma’am.

Link to actual thread below.

Kerry Cassidy/Jim Stone Hoax

Video Of Interview

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