Katy Perry DARK HORSE ILLUMINATI EXPOSED – New World Order, All …

By Clive Vanes

Move over Lady Gaga. There is a new Illuminati princess and that is Katy Perry. When she’s not holding Moloch and singing about how she worships him, she is dancing on stage as Baphomet watches on. In her video for Dark Horse, she pushes the all-seeing eye continually. At one point, she covers her eye with an all seeing eye on a stick and then she continues to place one hand over her eye in the video. She is now doing the bidding of the Illuminati and the people are eating it up. Most of the uninformed dismiss the symbolism and just think that it’s art, but there is a method to this madness.

Perry had noted that she had sold her soul to the devil, just as Kanye West and Bob Dylan said in the past. The devil is the Illuminati. If you want to become something major, you need the support of this wicked machine and they demand that you push their agenda and Perry has no problem doing so.

If you want to know why Russell Brand and Perry didn’t work out, I’ll tell you. It was a difference of philosophy. Brand has a heart and sees the wrongs in this world as Perry sees the dollar signs and the limelight. She is the perfect soulless tool.

Perry continues in the video to stand atop of a capless pyramid. On top of pushing the agenda, she is also erasing any innocence that she once claimed to have. She is selling sex and with the addition of Juicy J, the hope is to reach various demographics and it has. The YouTube video has over 25 million views.

As Perry continues with her career, you will see her become more and more transparent. Her owners realize that most people dismiss their existence and it gives them freedom to rejoice publicly and they do.

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