Kanye West, Drake illuminati album entitled "Wolves" set for release? Plus …


It’s no coincidence, Kanye West and Drake is expected to one day end up with one hugely successful collaboration album. Not only have they worked together before, the younger Drake should have learned a lot from his 38-year-old 21-Grammy-award-winning American rapper/singer/fashion designer buddy.

However, though it comes as no surprise that the Yeezus singer would want a collaboration with the Canadian rapper, what is most awaited is how the album should come out. As many noted, both West and Drake are heavily criticized for their Illuminati connections.

As reported on The Fader, Kanye West confirmed that he had planned to do an iconic album entitled “Wolves’ with the If Your’re Reading This, It’s Too Late rapper.

Kim Kardashian’s hubby detailed asked about “Wolves” :

“The song came from a conversation me and Drake had where we were supposed to do an album together-it was supposed to be called Wolves…we said we was gonna do it, he was sending beats back and forth.”

So, there you have it ladies and gentlemen, straight from the horse’s mouth. That should be more than telling enough.

And if that does not satisfy you on how such best buddies the two top-selling hitmakers are, here’s more from Kanye:

“Right after I did the fashion show, I went to go shoot the ‘Blessings’ video with Drake and Sean, and I was so happy…and I used to be so resentful to do music…I’m just happy to keep creating and keep inspiring people with joy and accomplishment.”

Yes, Drake has done his own share at worshipping in the altar of Kanye West.  Truth to tell, the Canadian rapper who happens to be voice the big mammoth in Ice Age, credits Mr. West as his top musical influences – alongside Jay-Z and mentor Lil Wayne.

In the meantime, the Only One hitmaker is breaking the internet sharing details of his up and coming album. In a big reveal, West shared over Twitter his next album will be entitled “So Help Me God” – topping it up with complex symbology. Apparently, the symbols pointed out to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

What’s more, Kim K’s hubby allegedly has gotten tattooes of Jesus’ Mother in his body. Looks like all these religious symbolism is once again open season for Illuminati interpretations – a strong possibility in a Kanye West-Drake collab album.




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