Kangaroo-like creature in nuns 500 yo prayer book

Another example of mainstream history books not telling the whole story. There have been a few reasons to believe that the Portuguese were the first
Europeans to visit our fair shores but nothing concrete. The article mentions a few reasons but does not make mention of the mahogany ship that was
seen by a couple of early settlers half buried in sand dunes on the southern coast near Warrnambool, it was said to be a Portuguese ship. Whilst the
article says “kangaroo-like” creature, having seen enough kangaroos, early European depictions of kangaroos and also the deer that stand on their hind
legs to eat as mentioned, I am convinced it is a kangaroo.

Nun’s 500-year-old prayer book features a kangaroo-like creature and a man who could be an Indigenous Australian

Kangaroo in medieval song book

The Mahogany Ship

More on the Mahogany Ship


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