Jupiter ascending(upcoming movie), is a proof that Powers That Be do not worship Saturn BUT JUPITER!




Wachowski siblings belong to the Hollywood elite, and they are also fervent Zionists which can be demonstrated by the fact that in their most
important movie called The Matrix, they chose the name of the only human rebel city to be ZION.

Hollywood elite is closely connected with PTB(who ever they may be).

In all mythologies that I am aware of Jupiter is enemy of Saturn.
This fact connected with the fact that PTB have made a blockbuster movie that WORSHIPS JUPITER is a proof that not only PTB do not worship
Saturn, but that they are the ENEMIES OF SATURN!!!

In another words, “the alternative media” that has for been years talking(and is still talking), about an alleged “Saturn death cult”, is full of
disinformation agents whose true goal is to conceal that Powers That Be consider Saturn to be the enemy of their god which is Jupiter.


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