Judge bans a man from smoking in HIS OWN HOME!!

Edwin Gray likes smoking cigarettes, but a Superior Court judge in Washington D.C. has ruled Gray can’t smoke anything in his home – including
marijuana, which was recently legalized in the District.

Gray’s neighbors filed a civil lawsuit against Gray and his sister, Mozella Johnson, who lives in the family home. The neighbors, a couple with one
child and another on the way, alleged in their lawsuit that they’re being harmed by Gray’s smoke – which permeates their home through a hole in
the basement.

“We were floored,” Johnson told
WJLA. Their
family has owned the home for 50 years.

The judge filed a temporary injunction and ordered that no one in the house, including guests, smoke indoors.

Washington D.C. real estate attorney and Washington Post columnist Benny Kass was surprised at the outcome. “I think it’s an excellent precedent to
start, so people can realize you can’t just ignore your neighbor,” Kass said. “Your home is no longer your castle.”

The lawsuit asks for $500,000 in damages, and the case is ongoing, but Johnson believes the injunction sets a bad precedent. “If this judge has done
this, who will be next? What other neighbor will be next?” he asked.

How long before smoking is illegal entirely? I don’t smoke right now, but I have in the past. This man was in his own home! I doubt very highly he
smoked so much that these people were that inconvenienced. Sure, maybe they smelled a cigarette or two, now and then, but I highly doubt it was so
excessive that they need an injunction to stop him AND $500,000! Give me a break!


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