Jeb Bush to announce candidacy June 15

Yep, sources point to June 15 as the official date he’ll be announcing his run.

Washington (CNN)Jeb Bush will officially announce he is running for president on June 15, formalizing his high profile campaign that has been
ramping up all year amid a growing 2016 Republican field seeking the nomination.

The former Florida governor, who until now has toured the country as a prospective presidential candidate will drop all pretense and launch his
campaign at the Miami Dade College Kendall Campus.…

Why wait later than the other candidates to announce a run? Probably to test the waters first. It’s also a good time for him to announce his run now.
He’s tied with Walker in the top spot according to the polls at the moment and many speculate he’s raised more money than any of the other
candidates. Also whether many choose to admit it or not, George Bush is still rather popular with a large segment of Republican voters and naturally
this works out for Jeb. I still doubt he’ll get the nomination because of what I view as Bush fatigue in politics. At best he’ll probably come
second. I can see him getting Texas in the primaries, this is to his advantage, and Florida as well. But I see him losing much of the other south to
the other candidates. I think the North East and the West Coast will most likely go to Paul or Walker instead.

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