Jay Electronica In Danger? Is The Illuminati After Roc Nation Rapper?!

Jay Electronica made headlines this week when he was outed as being involved with Kate Rothschild and subsequently breaking up her “Illuminati marriage”. But now that he’s out in the open, is his life in danger?

Apparently, those in the Illuminati aren’t too thrilled with the fact that a former homeless man who is now a rapper was able to infiltrate the marriage of Kate and her husband, Ben Goldsmith.

Rumors suggest that Jay may suffer “serious repercussions” for his actions and if conspiracy theories are to be believed, then he better watch his back because the Illuminati is one nasty group to get on the wrong side of!

The affair apparently left the marriage between Kate Rothschild and Ben Goldsmith in ruins, with Ben releasing a statement, saying:

“Ben plans to file for divorce on the grounds of adultery… He has left the family home and taken the children on holiday with his mother.”

What do you think of this? Is Jay Electronica in trouble? Should he be hiring some extra security at this point?


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