ISIS Catfished for $3k by Three Girls on Social Media

ISIS Got Catfished for $3,300 in Travel Money by Three Chechen Girls
Things aren’t looking so good for the Islamic State right now, especially after its recruiting arm on social media lost thousands to a catfishing
scam run by three Chechen girls.

First, the terrorist organization’s alleged leader issued a memo banning all videos depicting graphic forms of execution. Then an ex-Gawker writer
lumped ISIS into the same lecherous category as his former employer. (Okay, that one stings a bit.) Now they’re out $3,300 to a bunch of girls who
just wanted a free holiday.

According to RT, three young women were detained by the police for communicating with ISIS fighters:…

This is one of those har har moments that don’t come often enough, I only wished they could have milked the fkers for billions..waytogo millennials

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