Is There an Energy Conspiracy? Where is the SOLAR power?

I am posting this here because I believe there is an energy conspiracy involving government agencies, power companies and oil cartels. Where is the
Solar power ( wind or magnetic )?

Aside from my feelings being mine, the opinions I have are open for discussion. I am suggesting that we could do more than we have as a World to
combat this issue.

I really feel badly for people that lose power during disasters. I feel bad for anyone that has to deal with adversity of any kind. I feel worse for
those that have no control over their environment. Children, animals and people in hospitals ( through no fault of their own ), that are under the
care of other adults.

The power issue, though, is one that I want to address. We have had the technology for many years to implement other forms of energy. Solar, Wind
and Magnetic. We have had the means to make this available worldwide to all. Yet, we have been lazy in our insistence. Green technology is a step
in the right direction, but it does not eliminate our dependency on electricity ( coal, gas, oil ).

While I feel there is uses for other forms of energy, Solar seems to be the most readily available. There is an abundance. Every single adult that
is living today has had the ability to further this through legislation and protests to each government in the world. The United Nations could enact
certain regulations. Why do they just have to stick their noses in every war? The technology exist to use Solar power. Certainly, it is more cost
effective and safer, but they make it so expensive to set up. Why is that? I think we all know why. Greed.

Children are the ones I worry about the most. They have no control of adult behaviors. They have to look forward to the future. What kind of world
are we going to hand them? Right now, a miserable one. Is that fair to them? No. We all need to wake up and start putting pressure on our
governments to start making the effort to enact legislation that makes it possible to afford Solar technology. Tell them to make all Traffic lights
and street lights operate on Solar power. Tell them to instruct all hospitals to start operating on Solar power. Tell them to make the power
companies allow people to have this power source. They have the technology and need to be compelled to share it readily. They will have to make
their money without a controlling monopoly that we are all bound to. Don’t pay your electric bill, how long before they shut it off? Don’t need
a Solar bill.

Never is it more clear to me, than when I turn on the news and see people without power. It is not necessary for this to happen. I can
survive without power, but there are those that require it. Generators are noisy, expensive, run on gas and very few have the ability to operate one
safely. Water pumps could be run using other technology, including Solar. Tell the water companies to use other means. Cell phone towers could be
Solar or even wind generated. You lose the ability to communicate easily in disasters.

I could say much more about this matter. I think I have made my point.

Take care and much love to all!



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