Is It Really That Bad?

Keith Richards was once asked how long he had known Mick Jagger. He replied that he knew Mick before there was “rock and roll.”

How long have I been dealing with conspiracy theories… since before there was an internet.

Yesterday we had a Farm Animal swap… buy or sell or trade farm animals. No FDA or EPA or SWAT showed up. Cash was exchanged for goats, pigs, sheep,
chickens, etc and folks went home happy. No RFID tags…no registration.

Every time I close the store I manage, we count our tills and deposits and we literally have stacks of 20s and 100 dollar bills. The economy is
challenging, but everybody here seems to be making it.

Everyday, I ride to and from work or running errands for the farm… and pass the local sheriffs and deputies, highway patrol, and cops… I
wave…they wave back. The last time I stopped at a sheriff road block it was to direct traffic away from a bad accident just up the road. Some of
those same officers shop my store and they buy fencing and feed and are regular guys… nice folks and families. No evil rogue cops here..just guys
doing their job. the people here can even defend their homes with guns and not face prosecution..and do so.

I just fed my animals…none of which are tagged. I actually sold a few yesterday at the swap and my wife and I bought groceries with the money we
made. In a few minutes, we will ride to church and then have Sunday dinner at my mother in laws house and the kids.

The moon rose last night, big and creamy, and the stars were putting on a brilliant show. The spring garden is planted and coming up…and after mid
April, it will be time to plant the summer crops.

My point in mentioning all of this is…Is it really that bad? I read the posts here about pending legislation and virile diseases, and strip
searches, and police and UN invasions, and I wonder just how much of this is planted in reality?

Now I counter that with having been into Conspiracy Theories before there was an internet. I have actually built a bunker, have multiple semi auto
weapons and hunting rifles, I do practice shooting and survival skills, I can cut the power off and never miss a beat. I actually lived in a cabin
with one light and a wood stove to heat and cook with and I did bathe by the well from which I drew water, and used a “johnny house.”

I have been waiting for years for the UN and the NWO to come calling and kick my front door in and imprison me in a re-education camp until I take the
mark of the beast. Still waiting. The world I read about here at ATS and the one in which I live are so far removed from each other…

Now there is a depression of sorts and people are hurting economically. The rise in militant Islam troubles me. And I am sure that i do not like Mr
Obama’s agenda for America. I miss John Wayne and Ronald Reagan. I fly an American Flag on my lawn and I pay my taxes and have done pretty good in
life. I am actually quite boring and hard working and really don’t like to bother other people. I also have a red neck side and fly a rebel flag, and
won’t run from a fight, and I do have a shot gun, a rifle, and a 4 wheel drive…

So, do I really live in Mayberry with Andy, Barney, and Aunt bee…or am I just lucky… or just naive?

Is it really that bad?

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