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Hi Everyone,

I just spent a minute reviewing the forums and look forward to interacting with everyone. A few topics here have really caught my eye. I’m impressed.

As indicative by my username I’m a cleared government contractor with a specialty in defense software development, and I’ll leave it at that for now.
I’m a firm believer in letting experience speak for itself. I know there are a lot of people on the forum who claim they are ex/current A51 employees.
In reality finding such an individual is rare. In fact, those possessing the privilege are typically cleared with an executive level TS/SCI clearance
with a specialty SSBI conducted prior to hire. In some cases, this background check can take as long as 3 years to obtain.

Anyway, I found this particular article to be interesting. It was originally published in 2008 on ATS and maintains remarkable accuracy.

Summary: Currently A51 are experimenting on creating small points of immense gravity at two separate places in the universe, this will have the effect
of creating a tunnel and if one of these tunnels is placed near another place of immense gravity it will stay at the same point in time effectively
creating a portal to another place in time. The danger comes from the fact that there is a danger that these portals can become unstable and cause
black holes.

How are these points/portals created?: An anti proton and a proton are collided near the speed of light to release all their energy and create a tiny
rip in space time. Normally this rip would quickly dissolve but it can be held open by being surrounded by anti-grav devices to stop gravity from
closing it up. The rip can then be stretched using magnets so someone can enter it. The problem is – how can we make another portal which will be
connected to our first portal?

Connecting portals: During experiments at A51 we discovered that before these portals dissolved they vibrated at a certain unique frequency. If we
could create 2 portals and make them vibrate at the same frequency it is theorised that these 2 portals will become “joined”. I have no idea how that
works because I am not a quantum physicist.

The danger: If these portals are stretched and the anti-grav devices fail it is theorised that the rip in spacetime will be too big to be dissolved by
gravity and will instead become a black hole.

Experimental device: The first experiments to create the device will start with the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) is opened in May this year. Yes, the
LHC has been made with this theoretical device in mind. A full working device has been scheduled to be made for late 2011-2012.

Why should you believe me? That is a question. Ask yourself, deep down inside, are you looking at the truth? I hope that you see that I’m telling the

As part of my introduction I’d like to share my favorite clip from Area 51; posted by National Geographic on Youtube:…

Rest assured that I’ll always be respectful and look forward to the comradery. Cheers

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