India Threatens to Ban Twitter

Originally posted by travis911
In India, millions of people fled certain pasts of the country when text messages, tweets and Facebook postings declared certain ethnic groups were
about to be attacked. Some in India’s government have blamed Pakistan. Others feel it is Twitter and other online providers who allowed the messages
to go up as being their fault. Some want to even take the step to close access to places like twitter. Who is right? Can access be allowed to social
media if could kill people? You decide:…

In my humble opinion, the mere method used to communicate can never be the guilty party. It is who chooses to use it and how they use it which makes
it good or bad in the end. Why not call for going after the twits who tweeted such panic talk?

Aside from that….If they ban twitter, it’ll be by Email next time or SMS messaging…perhaps something new we aren’t thinking of. There will
always be some idiot yelling Fire to get everyone jumping. I admit, in a nation as populous as India, it’s no laughing matter….but neither is
restricting the ability to communicate because one method was used. Kidnappers seem to favor the telephone for ransom calls…that causes extreme
distress. Shall phones be banned by their logic? It’s silly.

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