I Had a dream of The New World

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did it ever occur to you that money gets things done? money has been a driving force for economies since coins where invented so long ago. even before
that when we weighed out silver and gold pieces.

money allows for progress. example if there was no gain in it scientifically as well as financially the computer you posted this on would not

simply put if we still did everything by barter we would be wearing animal skins and looking at steel swords as the ultimate in technological

all the economical problems we face are simply the issues of any system in its infancy. and that system i speak of is the global system. we didn’t
trade worldwide like we do now 100 years ago. sure items would go nation to nation but we didn’t outsource jobs completely.

plus with money the incentive to do a good job at your work is higher. from that comes progress.

let me give you the most obvious example. weapons of war. i’m talking small arms like the rifles on the battlefield. they advance the fastest due to
governments having a who’s got the best weapon contest among gun makers. many companies will build guns of high quality and the one that fits the
need the best gets the contract.

but the guns where improved and great pieces of art and human know how with the intent on delivering a great piece to a buyer.

its the same with computers and cell phones today. even on a personal level


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