I Can’t Reveal Anything On Aliens and UFOs : Barack Obama

Now, President Obama appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and was asked to reveal some information pertaining to aliens and UFOs.

In his reply, Obama said, “The aliens won’t let it happen. You’d reveal all their secrets, and they exercise strict control over us,” Obama told Kimmel. “I can’t reveal anything.”

Barack Obama - I Can't Reveal Anything On UFOs

In same year same year Reptilian shape shifter was also spotted during his AIPAC 2012 speech.

Back in 2010 Barack Obama does a guest appearance on “The View”, and out of no where he started speaking of the reptilian parts of our brain.

And in 2013, Obama acknowledge existence of Area 51.

However, Bill Clinton has also made reference to the secretive base in the Nevada desert just short of mention the name of the base, which at the time was still classified.

Remember Medvedev, he did tell something the same to reporters after an interview.


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