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Who am i………….

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 06:50 link quote reply * I have no idea why I am putting this here *
the world is changing, and it’s changing in front of our very eyes. I sat with an older gentleman the other day, he is 91 years old, it was in the
local library, and we chatted about life and technology, and the conversation turned to “man” this old gentleman told me “man” had changed. he told me
when he was a young man, people would commit suicide if unable to serve their country during world war 2 “this isn’t the world I grew up in son” he
pointed out to me. He told me to look out the window for a second, and observe. So I did, I rested my arms on the window ledge and started out, he did
the same. In that few minutes we saw dozens of cars driving past. One incident happened, 2 vans got in each other’s way, and this led to both men
getting out of their vans and shouting and swearing at each other. “SEE” he said. After this, I said, I need to go to the toilet, when I returned; the
old man was not there. But he had left his newspaper. I gave this newspaper no thought. And carried on reading my own book. Just as I was about to
stand up, I grabbed his newspaper to put on the table, and the front page caught my eye. It was the Sun newspaper. IT WAS THE SUN NEWSPAPER FROM JULY
2nd 1973 jip, the day I was born. Sadly I couldn’t leave with this paper, as it’s not allowed. But on the front page was a story about Richard
Nixon (Watergate) this happened yesterday. I awoke this morning at 5am, very unlike me, but was this a dream ? Did this happen ? I just checked, I did
indeed check a book out yesterday from the library. But who was this old man, where did he go, why did he have a paper from the day I was born. I am
sitting here in FEAR and I feel like there is someone behind me. I am also upset and frightened. I have this feeling right now. I am remembering when
I was about 10 or 11, and it seems like yesterday. My family are all asleep and I am sitting here thinking, where did the last 25 years go. I just had
to share this mad experience, and I have no idea why. I am on the verge of deleting it, and have moved it around a few areas of the forum, as I have
no idea why. Before I woke this morning, and this is the Fu*****r. I had a dream I was in Chine (looked Chinese, sorry if I offend anyone, it’s all
I can say) and I am on a beach, with this old man, suddenly, the waves come high and hard and slam into us… ….then I’m awake. What on god’s
green earth happened where am I, who am I, what am I doing here, where did the internet come from.

It is now nearly 7am, and I am questioning myself, who am I, how did I get here.
Where is my childhood ? Who was this old man, why was he in my dream, what is the relevance to the 2 men fighting outside the library, why the
newspaper, why the dream, of high waves, like a tsunami.
I am sitting here, it has took me 2 hours to post this.. and I am looking at pictures of my family, my parents, my wife, my 3 children, even patted my
dog, i know them, but just. i cant explain anymore, It is beyond me.
Something has changed. overnight, i cant explain it, its like, “it shouldnt be like this”, something is new.
It is like, yesterday i was someone else, today I am me.
I am soooo confused.
please feel free to remove/delete/move this thread. I KNOW !! someone will be able to relate to this, as i KNOW others will feel it.
Today isnt what today should be. today should have been another today.
has time changed ? has something happened ?
I can see in my mind a HUGE CIRCLE..and its spinning and spinning and i cant get it out of my mind.
i cant talk any more..2 hours, editing and trying to get my thoughts over.
i am sorry, and i dont know why i am sorry.
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