Hydration lacking danger story.

There is a mountain near where I live called Grouse Mountain, and there is a long trail that goes up in a continual manner to the top with step after
step. It is rated as a very difficult hike, and having just done it, I agree with it’s ranking. It’s a VERY tough climb.

Now, I am a fairly fit 65 year old, but I made a big mistake. I didn’t respect the mountain. And I didn’t understand the importance of water in
the body when you need to do difficult things. Water makes blood which carries oxygen which is fuel for the body.

I didn’t hydrate on the day before the climb, and I didn’t hydrate in the morning of the climb. And so I suffered big time. Racing heart, weakness
that made any movement really hard, and a feeling I wanted to faint that persisted after the Grind, even as I drove down the mountain in my car,
dangerous stuff.

At the restaurant, I drank 3 glasses of water and never felt a need to visit the washroom.

If you want to take on difficult physical things, get a lot of water in your body.


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