Hoysaleswara Temple, India

I came across this video this morning , It was published a few days ago. It highlights several amazing feats that were produced in this temple. There
is either no explanation for their creation, or the possibility that we are missing some unknown knowledge. (states the author)

First they cover the huge temple pillars that appear to have been created using a massive lathe.

They then go into detail about the statues in the back of the temple, which are created out of a single rock. They show very intricate detailing as
small as 3mm, or less. Hollowed out 1 inch skulls, necklaces, crowns.. Its pretty amazing. Light seems to shine through the objects, as if they were
create with a 3D printer. (I’m using that as a comparative, not that it was. That is my own observation)

They also find symbolism to gearing (2:1 ratio) on a god that represents “measurements”. Appropriately named. Considering hes holding this gear

Regardless, pretty cool video. I hadn’t heard of this temple before. So I thought I share it with the community.


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