Home (IA SS)

I thought I should give this Short Story a go, so, here it is, my first!

I saw a man who was sitting in the park, just looking straight forward. He was not moving, but had a smile on his face. As I walked past him, becoming
an obstacle in his sight, I noticed that his eyes do not move. Fearing the worst, I walked over, and sat next to him. I sat there quietly, but trying
to see what this mysterious man was staring at.

I sat there beside him for a while, thinking about how to break the silence. I thought I would use the park as a way to gain entry into his mind.
“It’s a great day to be sitting outside”, I said into the ear. “I suppose so, yes”, the stranger responded. “Do you come here a lot?”
“Yes,” he told me, “every day.” Thinking that I may have found an entry into his person, who was still looking in front of him with a smile, I
thought I would continue to find the reason he had for this smile that can be seen from a far.

“Where do you live?”, I asked him. “Here.” I was surprised at his answer, due to the fact that he was wearing fancy clothes, but even more
surprised to see a sparkle forming in his eyes. “You live here?”, I asked, maybe with too much confusion in my voice, as he then turned his head
to me, making eye contact with me for the first time. And then, something happened that I would never have foreseen.

“May I tell you something, if you have the time, because I would hate to keep you from your responsibilities?” he asked me, still smiling, and the
sparkle in his eyes. “Yes you may” I answered.

“What is a home? Is it a building with walls and a roof? No, certainly not. So many people live in a building, but never find their homes. People go
out of their way to decorate their houses, yet, it does not always become a home. Home is where you are! But then you are you? It does not matter what
your titles or job is, no. Wherever you are, whether it be in your vehicle, you office, or your bed, if you are overcome with joy, then that is where
you are home. Happiness is not a part of being home. You can give a cold glass of water to a stranger on a warm day, and that will make him happy. But
he will not be home.

Joy is that which makes a home! When you look at someone, and see their eyes as clear as crystal, and can see thought them into his soul, a soul
bursting with song, then that man is home! I am home every day.” My jaw fell when listening to the wisdom flowing from his every word. I felt a
change in myself. I looked around at the trees, the birds, the grass, and I felt home. I felt the same feeling I saw in this stranger. I turned back
at him. “What is your name?” I asked, hoping to find out more. “My name is Home! You were looking for me all your life, without even knowing
about your search. But look,” he said while pointing at the sky, “you have found it.”
After taking a glance at the sky, I turned back to him, but he was gone. I stood on my feet, searching for this man, but he was nowhere to be found. I
looked down, and started to smile. “I truly am home!” I thought, and walked away. “Home has found me!”


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