Hello, dcard joining from the SF bay area..

I, like many have read the boards for a few years now. I check the fire-hose several times a day and am interested in nearly every variety of topic
on the site.

A little about myself, I grew up in Mississippi, enrolled in Mississippi State’s Architecture program and quickly discovered there was more to design
than being able to draw well. I withdrew and joined the Army and became one of the first 96-U’s (unmanned aerial vehicle operator) to hold a
specific UAV military occupational specialty.

I really enjoyed it, but got out of it because at the time there were no deployments, lots of dog-and-pony shows, and our Hunter system was not going
to win a contract (the Predator push began). So instead of enduring many more months of retraining for a new system I got out after my 4 years were

I moved to California 6 years ago and got a job with a major utility.

I’ve always been intrigued with the possibility of UFO’s, astronomy, and well, everything else on offer here, lol.

I don’t have my mind made up on most of them, but it is cool to see the theories unfold.

See you guys around.


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