HCs Ancient Aliens last episode The Mystery of Puma Punku DEVASTATED the show haters.

I agree with the Gortex, the show was great when it first started, but I think now it’s time to call it a day and keep their credibility.

There’s only so much that can be covered and connected to the ancient astronaut theory, with this series now i’ve noticed that they are either
re-doing what has been done in previous episodes, or are making claims on just about anything.

You got to look at it logically, there isn’t enough evidence out there to support 4 whole series of this show, at 44m an episode, they’re going to run
out of stuff to research and analyse for the show. As i watch it now, the evidence becomes either less and less credible, or I’ve heard it from a
previous episode.

It’s gotten to the point now where i wouldn’t be surprised if they did an episode on the Titanic and make claims that UFO’s had something to do with
it sinking.


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