Has anyone had a similar dream?.

I know this sounds a bit like “Conan” the Cimmerian but i swear i never read the books until i was an adult, about 35 i think?.

Anyway to the dream of a past life.

I have a recurring dream, i’ve had it since i was a kid. In this dream I’m a big man, tanned, with dark brown hair (Unlike Conan it’s short)
electric blue eyes, wearing a wolf skin, and long boots.
I am standing on a low hill with the sun at my back (I can feel the warmth of the sun), there are several bodies round me all oriental in appearance,
and about a foot smaller than myself, they were wearing leather pointy helmets with thongs of Plaited leather hanging down the side.
There are 3 short arrows in my torso, one to the left of my belly button, one in the right side of my chest, and one just the below the heart.
I didn’t feel any pain, i sat down on this hill, and flopped down on my back with a long curved sword in my hand, and i can remember thinking “I’m
ready now”, then i died.
Judging by my surroundings i was in either the steppes of Mongolia, or the steppes of Russia in the 5 or 6th century.
That is all i can remember, and it is true.


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