Hackensack cops seek ‘knockout game’ suspect after three assaults

Hackensack residents were warned to be alert as police hunted for a man who randomly approached and punched three others Monday night in what may
be the first local incidents of “the knockout game.” The activity has resulted in one North Jersey death and plagued urban areas nationwide.

The three separate, sudden assaults took place within 15 minutes and involved the same man, who appeared to be acting alone, police said.

The knockout game typically involves a strolling group, with one person suddenly punching a passer-by and another recording video to display on a
social media site. “Someone just walks up and cold-cocks someone in the face totally unannounced, totally unprovoked,” city police Capt. Thomas
Salcedo said while detailing the local incidents.

He said that the assailant was described as a 6-foot-tall or taller black man with an athletic build who was wearing a black V-neck short-sleeved
T-shirt, black pants and a Brooklyn Nets cap. The incidents all took place in the areas of Essex Street, Summit Avenue and Beech Street, Salcedo said,
and the victims were two men in their 50s and another in his 20s. None of the men was seriously injured.

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It seems current laws aren’t enough of a deterrent for this “game”. I’d say if you see a group of kids and one has his camera phone out, try not
to be a victim. It’s sad, but it will take a few of these “kids” getting shot to make an impression on them. They think it’s all fun and games,
but it’s not. Be alert folks, and don’t put yourself in the position to not see them coming.


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