Good sources MSM and otherwise?

Can we start a running list of known reliable sources? I realized how out of touch I am with various paper names – with the explosion of the internet
there are a lot more gossip rags and a proliferation of unchecked facts printed without a second glance. Which sites are tabloids and/or propaganda
mills? Do we have any that have kept their reporting pretty clean?

I use a lot and keep an eye on Exaro News and my local paper.

RT is a propaganda outfit but if you can read between the lines they seem ok for anywhere that’s NOT Russia or anyone they are butting heads with.

I have trouble keeping the UK outlets straight. From what I can tell Huffington Post is mostly a tabloid and people mistrust the BBC.

Otherwise I’m a pretty clean slate and it’s annoying to have to triple-check every source from Google News to make sure it’s not a satire

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