Going up? Take this 45mph Elevator!

Now I’ve been in some elevators that made me wonder if taking the stairs, backward, in the dark, may have been faster. I’ve been on a couple where I
wondered if some idiot calibrated it wrong and it was going to jump it’s brakes and give a new kind of ride DOWN.

I can’t say I’ve been on an elevator like this before though. Heck, this almost sounds worth paying a ticket to ride by itself.

Hitachi has announced that its new high-speed elevator for the Guangzhou CTF Financial Centre will travel at a stomach churning 1,200 meters per
minute (45mph), a speed that will allow it to reach the 95th floor in just 43 seconds.

Along with its sister machine it is to be the flagship of a 95 lift fleet that will bear economists, officials and guests up and down the 530 meter
tall building. The sky scraper will even be fitted with double decker lifts to utilise all vertical space.


I guess that’ll add a whole new dimension of anticipation for movies with cliche’ elevator scenes. Ohh yeah. I wonder, what does it look like if it
has a catastrophic mechanical failure and comes to a sudden and abrupt halt from ground gears or anything else that could gum up the works?

45Mph, traveling upward, in a box no longer moving. Oh…That might really hurt, too! They probably have all they need to prevent that though, so
heck, someone get over there and take a ride to the top. Lets us all know what it’s like!


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