Getting a little too crazy?? Whose to day?

I like to think of a living being as complex as our selves like a reactor that is destine to fail. Just like anything we build over time. The
programming involved to make us must be rediculous. We are the computers we strive to build. If anythings possible including time travel did we
program ourselves and could our own death be like hitting a reset button? If everything we know our past to be has indeed been recorded, is it
anything like our computers in the way that it gives anyone that’s holding that computer the ability to experience all of the information
visually?like watching you’re home movies?Does that video exist in its true visual form before you press play?? Does is just sit dormant even though
the computer is up and running?If we knew everything about our world would the things that just seem like fate and impossibilities go away?or simply
get thought of in a different way?What does your mind do when it sees a picture of an important missed family member? Would it lust for the moment
that picture was taken, if it was a good moment? Some may want to live that very moment forever because they know what the future holds.they may
almost decide that that moment will be better than the rest of life after it. We would give up,and eternally grasp the past since we know the future
holds infinite destructions. Never ending collisions full of disassembling realities spewn through the heavens to reassemble in ways you’ve never
imagined. Morphed by nature,you better let her run her course. Anger her not, for she gave us this birth. Let us not ruin this chance with war without
knowledge,as if we are still stuck in our caves instead of exploring our various pasts finding knowledge . Our minds have flourished while we drag our
bodies around. Every spin,every mile this earth pulls us down. It’s a blessing and a curse with a mind that roams,I’ll just watch the winged take
flight while I type with ink, just be grateful that we have this time, and let the time just sing.

Just a late night in my neck of the woods. Peace out.

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